Cutting Ties

Cutting Ties

I've recently found myself at a stage in my relationship with someone where it's time to cut them loose. This person is a mess. I'm not judging in that way, but still - they cause disruption and strife wherever they go. It's clear the problem is them - they are always crying and complaining about [...]

Should We As Israelites/Hebrews Go Back To The Ordinance/Atonement Laws Of Old?

Should We As Israelites/Hebrews Go Back To The Ordinance/Atonement Laws Of Old?

This post is confirmation for me!
Literally doing a bible study on this topic today.
God is good!

This topic is been a big deal for me in my studies.

I want nothing more than to be obedient, but I also don’t want to waste time doing unnecessary things and offer more confusion into my life.

This was an excellent post that was factual and biblically based – which is what I look for in advice.

I hope my sharing it helps others search for the same answers I was.


Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock

Having been in the light of being an Israelite now for around 2 years, I keep seeing and hearing the same reoccurring theme being pushed by the majority of the Black Hebrew Israelite groups, that we as Israel must return back to keeping the laws, statutes and commandments that were handed down to our forefathers from the Most High via Moses. However, is this the case, must we go back to the ordinances of old in order to come back to the Most High? I personally will NOT be teaching my people that they must go back to the ordinances, sacrificial and atonement commandments of old for several reasons:

1. The scriptures clearly teach us that we have been cleansed and forgiven of our sins through the blood of Christ and have attained to righteousness and thus been brought back to the Father  not only via the blood of Christ, but also FAITH in him.

2. We…

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