My name is Elisheba – although that is not my government name, I have plans on changing it.

I am a 41 year old married mother of 4, grandmother to a beautifully precocious  grand daughter (that I don’t see as much as I’d like) and grand child on the way (Yah willing he or she is born healthy!).

Over the past few years I was introduced and have been learning more about the concept that my people, also commonly known as ‘Black Americans’ are in fact the lost peoples of the Bible. God’s chosen people, the Hebrew Israelites.

I know what you may be thinking, and no, I am not joining one of those crazy, hateful groups we see on street corners and Youtube.

Although they are on the right track for the most part, I do not agree with their methodologies.

I’ve spent many years of my life seeking God.

Not always in the right places, but I was looking.

As I move forward, I’ll discuss how I came to this final realization and will be sharing videos (some made by myself, many made by others) that share most of what I believe.

Along with this realization came the desire to live a more righteous life – which isn’t as easy as it sounds – I am a drinker and am making an effort to quit – and I love eating pork, which I am now going to have to stop. I also have a serious potty mouth among other things.

I’ve also (along with my husband) taken a DNA test that should be back in about a month so stay tuned for that as well🙃

[We actually taken them as of 8/25/17 and we are working on the videos to present our results! Once it’s finished (We’ve been very busy with other things) we’ll be uploading it to YouTube and I’ll be sharing it here on my blog.]

These are among some of the things that are part of the ups, downs  and discoveries of making this life change.

I thought, why not document it?

So here we are.

I hope you enjoy all that’s in store going forward!

Much of what’s on this blog are posts perviously written on an older blog that I just didn’t want to throw away by starting this one.

Keep in mind, ALL POSTS WRITTEN BEFORE JULY 25, 2017 were written before I came into truth – just so I don’t get an admonishing emails regarding my content.

As time goes on, I will delete what I no longer stand by.

Thanks for visiting and be sure to check back often as this blog is an ongoing project for me!





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