Israelite Customs for Marriage

I always had a feeling! And I love bracelets so hey 🙂


Last year, I helped my niece do a report on Mali for World Geography. While researching we read about a group of nomads that live sometimes in the Mali region called The Fulani. Fulani women are famous for wearing golden earrings attached to red thread. They wear them in their ears or hair. Only married Fulani women wear them, given to them on their wedding day from their husband to be.

This is the cover of one of the books we used for her report. The Fulani lady has her earrings attached to her hair as a symbol that she belongs to a man. Off topic: the blue around her mouth is some kind of paint that they paint on.

Here is a picture of Fantasia wearing Fulani earrings around 2009 or 2010 (?). They have become fashionable for sistas to wear in the United States.

Another Picture of the…

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