Just relax

I made a commitment about 2 weeks ago that this weekend was going to be dedicated to rest + relaxation.

I am taking it easy this weekend – aside from some laundry that really needs doing – I am vegging out until Monday morning 🙂

Keeping any nerves that may creep up at bay and trusting in Yahuah to carry me through, guide hands and heal what ails.

Aside from my own musings about myself (lol), the world has gone nuts and sadly, it’s only getting worse.

Those closest to me know that I am very, for lack of a better word, religious.

It’s complicated. Because essentially, my beliefs are Christian, I’m just not comfortable at all identifying with that label.

Many ‘Christians’ today believe in, practice and teach something else all together. That ‘something else’ is the very thing I try to avoid the most.

I don’t want to get into it here – I contribute to our ministry blog and feel that very soon my articles may begin to show up.

I have a lot to say about what’s going on around us today.

From the Pulse Terrorist Attack to what has gone down just this week alone:

Just to name and source a few…

Not to end on a bad note, it was a beautiful and sunny day in Central Florida.

Almost too hot – over 100 degrees!

But now it’s raining, which cooled it off a bit and our a/c is no longer struggling.

Oh, and the rain has jut stopped and the sun is coming back out 🙂

Be easy